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General Forum Rules

Post by theblacknight04 on Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:43 am

General Rules

Don't question the rules.
Have common sense.
Respect the mods.
Account sharing isn't allowed, in any form. You are responsible for YOUR account.


No racist/sexist/homophobic comments towards anyone. We would like to keep this a safe place for everyone.
You are NOT allowed to promote your youtube/twitch channel by any means. Click for definition
No pornographic content of any kind. This includes images, videos, links and everything else.
No spamming. Click for definition
No flaming. Click for definition
No asking to be in the team.
No discussing who should be a mod or admin.
No one-word posts.
Speak English in the public areas of the forum.
Your signature should to be shorter than the post itself.
Your profiles need to be Safe for Work. No explicit avatars or text.
Please don't use the forums to ask for members to buy you things.


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